Packaging Benchmark Suite

How to Register

To download or submit the data files, and the documentation related to the benchmark problems, user registration is required. To register, click on the Sign-up button and fill up the membership form by entering the required information. The membership request will be processed by the website admin. The decision on the membership request will be sent to the applicant via an email.

How to download the Benchmark Problem

To download the benchmark problems, please sign-in in the website using your user credentials. Then, click on the Repository Menu and then, click on the benchmark problem to view the data files and the description of the problem. Click on Download All Files button to access the benchmark files.

How to submit a Benchmark Problem

The members willing to submit a benchmark problem can contact the admin via email at

How to cite a Benchmark Problem

Please reference the Packaging Benchmark Suite in any report, journal article, or publication that requires citation of original work.

Suggested reference:
[1] IEEE EPS Technical Committee on Electrical Design, Modeling and Simulation, ‘Packaging Benchmark Suite’, 2021 [Online]. Available:

Our suggested acknowledgment is:
The authors acknowledge volunteer members of the IEEE EPS Technical Committee on Electrical Design, Modeling and Simulation (TC-EDMS) for developing and making the Packaging Benchmark Suite available at